TRACK | Deaf Chonky – Shirley

5/5 golden merles

Let us please have more songs that address explicitly unjust hierarchies… and, if possible, ideally, remain compelling with regard to instrumentation and lyrical craft.

“there’s burning to be done / so I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

The track is more than a little seething. And with great energy and righteousness there is a palpable sense of alienation and disgust.

It reminds me of a quote of Camus writing about the poet René Char:

Camus felt that Char…

“was quite alone, without having a taste for solitude. And he cannot conceive of a life without friendship, and he cannot love most of the men around today. Therefore he is very demanding to the few men he esteems, sometimes violently so… He deserves to be encouraged and accepted wholly because he himself is whole and of a quality so rare that without him it would take the world far too long to be reborn.”

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