ALBUM | Cate Le Bon – Mug Museum

5/5 golden merles

The title track off 2013’s Mug Museum is one of my favorites among many. The whole album is intriguingly sonically textured and well written.

One of the two primary reasons my partner responded to my online profile was a reference to Cate Le Bon and another to David Mitchell & Robert Webb’s Peepshow. So I am in it’s/her debt.

Though I have felt slightly distanced from the colder, more abstracted art rock direction she is exploring in the last few releases, it is all still worth looking into. But to my taste, she has not yet returned to this level of melodic and lyrically qualitative consistency since.

On this record, the bridge has yet to be retracted. There is a great effort at precision in the lines and the onus is not put upon the audience to rearrange the fragments of coherence. Which is fine, too. An audience has been built, tediously, over decades. Do what you like. We don’t need the same thing in endlessly mild variations.

All that shit said, I am still very glad Mug Museum exists and it is proudly one of the paltry 19 vinyl records in my collection.

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