TRACK | Mar – Mother of Broken Men

5/5 golden merles

Mar make excellent sludge metal and noise rock. This track is an aside, a kind of misrepresentative sampling of materials. But it is also my favorite track among many great ones and the one that fits best this kind of meandering assemblage of posts.

From John Ralston Saul’s Voltaire’s Bastards:

“There are no more secrets today than there were when Sun Tzu wrote. What we do have now is a worship of the idea of secrecy. The brief vogue of existentialism in the middle part of the twentieth century illustrates precisely what has happened. A philosophy which declares that people will be judged by their acts could not possibly survive in the West. (Instead) we believe that people are what they know and can be judged by their power; that is, by what they control. In a society based not upon action but upon systems, our place within the system determines our importance.

“The measure of our power is based upon the knowledge which either passes through our position or is produced by it. One of the truly curious characteristics of this society is that the individual can most easily exercise power by retaining the knowledge which is in his hands. Thus, he blocks the flow of paper or information or of instructions through his intersection to the next. And with only the smallest of efforts he can alter the information in a minor or major way. Abruptly he converts himself from a link into a barrier and demonstrates, if only to himself, his own existence.”

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