TRACK | Mother Sun – Mycelium

5/5 golden merles

First, my friend John sent me this track, appearing as it did in his own scouting. And then several days later it came up for me on Submithub during one of the long stretches of reviews… a mostly pleasant gauntlet of articulation and credit acquisition which we undergo in attempt to receive equally coherent reciprocities.

And sometimes it happens.

In fact, my continued digital intubation of this blog is at least in very real part due to the kindnesses paid me by Jon Doyle (Different Jon, there are two Johns referenced here, one per paragraph, one of the ‘H,’ one without) of, and his kindness and coherence incarnate regarding some thing I did.

During this vile game of tit for tat I wrote, creating content upon the content:

“Sunny as heck and wavy. Good. straight out strong, vocals, synth and drum. The writer definitely has a good understanding and/or an interesting misunderstanding of language. Starts very strong. would prefer it ends after 120 seconds, of course, as is my preferred method of ingesting sun. but pleasant throughout. Good work my Canadian comrades.”

And I stand by that. It is good and sunny and wavy. If you like these things: go, see them.

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