TRACK | The Rangoons – Two Minds

5/5 golden merles

The Rangoons’ “Two Minds” is an agreeably caustic mélange of noise. A phrase I promise I didn’t use a thesaurus to locate.

It was written peripatetically, on a walk to retrieve $40 worth of burgers (2) in the night. A rate hike commensurate with the corporate greed that cheapens and saddens all of our lives.

Music is innately funny.

What if I were to sing my woes in rhyming couplets to an arbitrary melody?

Music is innately serious.

I have honed my woes into a format most easily consumable by others in the hopes of being understood, of being tolerable while engaged in the act of conveying, and to attempt to whine in a manner that is pleasing, maybe even appealing. It’s an attempt to make entertainment of unease, or anyway of a feeling. It is a reasonable concession when confronted with the void and a limited time in which to be known.

The Rangoons understand the ridiculousness and seriousness involved in this dichotomy. And that this careening, combustible duality can be calibrated and pretty well conveyed.

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