ALBUM | Pega Monstro – S/T

5/5 golden merles

Beginning with one of the finest false-starts in all of garage diy, “Homem das Obras” soon emerges from the ocean an outlier. The track inventively takes a mutative structure with much great and organic ebbing and flowing.

The varied pace of its enduring, sequential waves operating on a gently obscured internal logic, or some secret formula of intent. And invariably these decisions work.

The LP is kept fresh in this way, avoiding the rut of traditional structures that must rely on additional layering or lyrical phrasing to keep the core from collapse.

These techniques are employed throughout the LP, complimenting its energy-drenched 4 track recording. It is truly some of the most structurally inventive garage pop you’re likely to come across. And constantly capable of innovating without alienating from the doctrinal genre forms and methods, each turn is another effuse with radiant texture and tone.

Pega Monstro is an inspired and valuable document. It is flush with rad melodies and teeming with spatial invention across the soundscape. It can be streamed or purchased here.