TRACK | Dick Diver – Keno

5/5 golden merles

Dick Diver’s “Keno” contains some heartbreak, a lot of precision of phrasing, pacing, and knows when to twist the knife. Previously we’ve written about their similarly excellent “Calendar Days.”

I really like the rising and resourceful merger of the choral vocal delivery. The melodic phrasing latches onto those early vowels, compiling into great peaks for the rest of the sentence to subsequently leap from.

It is almost within the context of the song a form of misdirection, a style-centric focus pulled swiftly/directly in the opposite direction, ushering in lots of warmth and craft to the recollecting.

“Keno” is a strong track. There is a lot of mass to the thing, it could hold up a lot. In “New Start Again,” the song acts like a steady cornerstone for new beginnings.

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