TRACK | Youth Lagoon – July

5/5 golden merles

Posted by 73 sites that come up on the Hype Machine, maybe the most of any I’ve seen? A hit from the golden age of blogging, no doubt. But none since 2013 and it is a track very much worthy of revisiting at the very least once in a decade.

It is another rarity of the epic/anthemic bridge connecting unexpectedly from the bedroom genre. Sparse but tempered synth and compelling, refractive vocal performance build in a few huddled layers to make something really effecting and outsized.

And all of this is derived from a tale of the eliding of love or its estimated proximation, the idea of yourself as an unreliable narrator, that which is unquantifiable, and, even when it appears to be, the relative nature of all experience. Also a couple of mega-hooks that hurtles about disrupting the orbit of any nearby planets for the purposes of accumulating a few minutes audience.

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