TRACK | Chook Race – Pop Song

5/5 golden merles

There’s a rotating cast of 4-5 people in 30 Australian garage rock bands and they’re all good. It’s like any crime drama show you’ve ever seen on the BBC: 4 guys and 4 gals in a rotating cast of who gets to play the detective.

The influence is both disproportionate and good, at least as far as this subject of another tendril of the empire is concerned. “Pop Song” features what guts would jangle like if they were made of metal and could reverberate audibly.

Much like the US of America, Australia has had a succession of mediocre crackpots at the helm. Nevertheless, within the music scene and across the last decade there has been a similar set of assumptions about harnessing the heart, about how and when… And the technologies available to record… And the styles aimed at through them… And the influences accumulated plus or minus the current trends, which are adopted and which abandoned… And possibly some similar sort of water table contaminated neurotoxins consumed.

Whatever the case may be, there’s some not insignificant overlap in these regards and a hundred others that output after all the variables something deemed ideal.

I suggest a reputable publisher offer me a $50k advance to sort this all out… or some vastly more qualified Australian I guess.

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