TRACK | Cousins – Secret Weapon

5/5 golden merles

From Halifax circa 2011, rumble and awe ground up in sequences of noise, Cousins’ “Secret Weapon” sounds like the lifting of a curse or at least one annulled by the reckoning.

Essentially it is rock music but for the sake of killing space and in line with the great and proud tradition of hair splitting, there are the evidentiary threads of lo-fi garage and grunge pop.

Returning to the old playlists, the track is a great relief after sorting through the protean forms of demo submissions and gauntlet of prospective tabs, navigating nascent piles mostly before they become fit for consumption. This is, in contrast, well rendered and sterling sludge.

It can be got in red vinyl physical form from the myriad vendors of discogs or check also 2014’s full length The Halls Of Wickwire ordered direct.

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