TRACK | Thick Shakes – Friends Like These

5/5 golden merles

“Friends Like These” finds psych and synth pop alive and well in the heart of 2012. Frenetic and full of venom, it’s composed of much good garage rock tones and texture. After the requisite feedback and count-off, the track promptly hurtles forward with conspicuously limited relent.

Fusing together in an abiogenesis of noise, the reverb becomes an instrument itself. A beachhead of melody is quickly established and familiarized through repetition. Nothing overstays. In the sub-2-minute run-time, most effort is spent building our amusements into monuments, decorating, and then deconstructing them.

The plate tectonics shift. A tidal wave rises from the sea to vanquish the invading army. The cassette remains buyable from Aurora7 records via the Bandcamp.

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