TRACK | Class – Steady Hands

5/5 golden merles

Garage rock from Tucson, “Steady Hands” is the best produced grumbling and thrashing you’ll likely hear this fortnight. It’s superbly well conceived and executed, built from a palette of primeval sorts. It is a good example of some nice punk/pop accentuated in scalding oil, fermented in the sun.

All the dreams you held so near / have gone to shit / falling from the lowest point / you’ll soon find out / is high enough to be destroyed

If this is something you find unrelatable: congrats, I guess. But for those of us that don’t live in a cotton candy house, that’s some proper commiseration. With a bit of field to fortify, there is much to admire, the melody and hook done justice by key performances and attentive detailing. It’s a carefully built hex for which you don’t have to wait long for the curse to kick in.

Name your price on the bandcamp, or an $8 buck cassette can be acquired from Feel It Records, fine folk affiliated with The Cowboys, Sweeping Promises and Alien Nosejob.

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