TRACK | Abi Ooze – Cry Alone

5/5 golden merles

Timeless and mighty punk from Hammond, Indiana. “Cry Alone” is informed by and in dialog with rock culture, extending its reach into what seems to us now like the future, without history’s patented musty reek of decomposing dreams. A great threat of things to come for the remaining tracks on Forestdale Sessions, releasing tomorrow, October 12th. Textually it holds some eternally relatable commiserations on isolation and ostracization, some outcast’s well-honed and worthy lament.

Backing vocals sustain on the gilded periphery and lyrics hammer home the sentiment; it is a finely crafted thing and hitting what it’s aiming at. Composed and cut from the same cloth as the blindfold so not to let it go to waste, nothing is excess in the track’s sharp detailing, imperious fills and proper solo. Tapes incoming from Rotten Apple records in St. Louis for $7 or pre-order at a price of your own choosing.

This is the 365th straight day of Plainly & Painfully and concludes the year of daily posts. I’ll still be posting regularly but not every god damned day. Thanks to anybody following along, definitely crying a little less alone these days and appreciate the company.