TRACK | THE CLUE – Starting

5/5 golden merles

More lo-fi punk marinated in the Deluxe Bias morgue, a very fine and irrevocable 21st amendment to their rising catalog. It does not overstay its welcome with 5 tracks running to a little over 7 minutes in length, hitting the ideal demo structure, and ending with a nice homage to Tiny Tim to wrap things up.

Frantic and favoring the form, it hurtles about in the orbit of the egg punk. Never reaching, it’s all fully realized in tone, consistent in its clamor throughout. A goodly sort, well beyond the proof of concept.

Head to TegosluchamPL for the track list divided, otherwise you’re in for the long haul, which is to say 5 short hauls combining for a medium haul. The tapes have sold out, promptly & irrevocably, unless later reprinted. Otherwise you can have it for naming any number smaller than the one in your bank account.

TRACK | Graffiti Welfare – Just Follow

5/5 golden merles

“Just Follow” is a track derived from five years of work, culminating in the experimental electronic pop album Revolving Shores. The song acts as a recollection that is demonstrative, a lesson or how-to on keeping pace with altered states; it is drenched in synths, wringing dry the experience.

The song is described by its author, Denver’s Graffiti Welfare, as documenting a “moment of post-anxiety clarity regarding the path ahead.” In the coiled nest of tincture and texture, there is established this great sense of the amalgamated emotional space and the varied pathways from which to emerge.

Vaporous and contracting, the instrumentation rappels about the vocal core, vividly revealing an accessible point of egress. Just follow the stream / floating away.

There is an element of proactive panic to the track, even as it proffers a guide for next time. It is a spectacle of the traditionally unsung, something normally weathered and, once cleared, neglected. But here we have some aureate instruction. In the aftermath of the duress, there is a managed focus on the reprieve ahead: a welcome reassurance that this too shall pass.

TRACK | moodlighting – Ahead of myself

5/5 golden merles

There is room on this ledger for indie-pop and twee-type rock, particularly when it’s this well arranged and strikes such a balance of buoyancy and dread.

It is difficult to form this combination of melody and malaise, at least so far as I’ve seen in my searching. And the group seems uniquely thoughtful in a timely way that updates the genre into the demonstrably forsaken but sometimes pretty pleasant common era.

Lyrically the track is uncertain yet defiant (come change my mind for me), eager within the context of melancholy, and creates a lovely space in which to brood.

For fans possibly of the Pants Yell!’s instrumentation variety and storytelling, a Pastels gleaming murmur, and in the vocal range and register of Broadway Hush/Page France, if these are things you’re eager to explore the neighborhoods of.