TRACK | Noun Verb Adjective – Skinsuit

5/5 golden merles

“Skinsuit” is from Noun Verb Adjective’s Deluxe expanded edition of Boys in the Sand, entering the track list right where the prior record left off. A summery collapse of a track that appends the already dauntingly great EP.

It’s genre is foremost experimental lo-fi and noise pop. And while playfully constructed, it’s still subservient primarily to the strong, underlying melodies of the lead guitar and vocals.

Field recording elements adjust the scope to further break the medium and open new avenues of meaning. It is an intricate series of subsections, and there’s much auditory creative problem solving as a creative act. Indebted to and inspired by tradition but a bit bored of it also, the track is inventive and gently disorienting.

TRACK | Noun Verb Adjective – Goodbye to Summer (Rock & Roll Pt. 3)

5/5 golden merles

Noun Verb Adjective has some wonderfully crafted lo-fi bedroom pop rock.

If you would believe it, Boys in the Sand does have some Beach Boys stylistic parallels. The hooks and layers of vocals carom over one another and the tambourine/snare provides a warm and welcoming hive to orbit.

A superb owl on the cover guides you home. It’s a good, small marvel.