TRACK | Beta Maximo – Voy a salir a vengarme

5/5 golden merles

Úbeda, Spain-based egg punk, crammed to the gills with gatling gun digi drum and deliberate melodic delineations. If you find amusement or solace in one glancing, angular component of this, good news: the entirety is composed of similar muck. The visions clear and hitting what it’s aiming at. Only as crooked as it takes to fulfill the composition, there’s a lot of joy in this pop rock forming and sprouting outside of industrial confinement.

We’ve written on Beta maximo before, but the album has been disappeared. However the new stuff is just as good. As stated at the time, the band was described as “DIYARI (Do It Yourself And Release Immediately), this aesthetic remains intact and uncompromised.” In fact, there has been a new single in the subsequent weeks after this LP, released March 9th, “Hornos de ladrillo.” I am a million miles behind.

Since the 17th of February you could name your price on the bandcamp.

TRACK | Beta Maximo. – Busco corazones.

5/5 golden merles

Spanish lo-fi eggpunk from Úbeda. Grab the intangible digi-drum and sync your muscles to its writhing. Described on their instagram as DIYARI (Do It Yourself And Release Immediately), this aesthetic remains intact and uncompromised.

Spain vice. is a great set. Composed of no track longer than 1:45, it moves relentlessly, flashing past. Nothing overstays, everything burns out immediately in the friction of a few overlapping melodies of synth and guitar crammed into the centrifuge.

You can pay for it, to show your respects, on a donation-basis, howsoever many euros seems appropriate. It’s yet another admirable EP found through the exceedingly reliable hunting of