TRACK | Mope Grooves – Here Comes Another One

5/5 golden merles

Listening to new music you find that most songs are speaking in vague and grand generalities. Their subjects are love and death, to the extent they have them. By and large, the melody is the message.

Most songs are used as a platform to display the singer’s performative talents. And depending on your cultural conditioning you can grant them credulity or not.

“I was only calling / to talk to my brother”

This isn’t that. Mope Grooves’ Here comes another one appears to be a song about a relationship. And within that an interaction. And within that an instance.

Music is a tool. Whatever conditioning I have been subjected to and/or later sought out values lyricism including storytelling and texture.

And in minimalistic instances like this one, the gravity of limited phrasing amplifies its significance. All of this creates a small but highly detailed world, one possible to escape into, if you want, and is some real nice storytelling.

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