TRACK | Alex Bleeker and the Freaks – Animal Tracks

5/5 golden merles

Within this track wailing guitar and scenic songwriting establish a qualitatively good mood. It’s a good track for fleeing, for a post-reckoning scenario in which a new beginning seems to form just around the bend or maybe on a bridge that feels-to-form underneath you from thin air.

It makes me feel ways about things and nostalgic for a past I didn’t live.

I cleaned out a lot of books from the office today and wedged them into an already overburdened bookshelf instead. But one I kept in here was Ernest Becker’s posthumous Escape from Evil. In this section on page 64 he begins by quoting Rank:

“‘Every conflict over truth is in the last analysis just the same old struggle over… immortality,’ If anyone doubts this, let them try to explain in any other way the life-and-death viciousness of all ideological disputes. Each person nourishes his immortality in the ideology of self-perpetuation to which he gives his allegiance; this gives his life the only abiding significance it can have. No wonder men go into a rage over fine points of belief: if your adversary wins the argument about truth, you die. Your immortality system has been shown to be fallible, your life becomes fallible. History then can be understood as the succession of ideologies that console for death. Or, more momentously, all cultural forms are in essence sacred because they seek the perpetuation and redemption of the individual life.”

So, it is good work then when you can transport this through a song, or a piece of it, the afternoon or the imagined afternoon.

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