TRACK | Keel Her – Deadly Nightshade

5/5 golden merles

Keeler-Schaffeler makes often lo-fi, always a bit experimental rock and keyboard pop music. Keel Her’s tracks are dreamlike, gauzy forces and a recurring presence on mixes I’ve slung at friends over the last decade.

Previously I’d intended to feature the “Almost Finished (My Life)” demo variant but it had vanished from the readily linkable archives. Nevertheless, there is much other good in the prolific demo-ing and reimagining at the project’s bandcamp.

The “Deadly Nightshade” version listed above is again the demo or at least earlier, nascent form of the track. The track is composed of a grainy recitation of instruction over hazy layers of synth and folded tones, much luster, much refracting, and what seems an approximation of an ambulance. There exists another variation on a later album which is also strong, and which ads a bit of coherency to the vocalizations.

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