TRACK | The Funs – Don’t Let Go

5/5 golden merles

The Funs make exceptional experimental garage rock. The project is composed of two of the 321 people residing in New Douglas, Illinois, reminding you that goodness, though it is rare in overall instances, can come from anywhere and everywhere and at any time.

The minimal instrumentation is humming and ignites in the kindling of lo-fi tones. Despite some tempo and structural invention, the fuel burns out quite evenly over the track’s 4 minute runtime. Throughout the drums land spacious and torrid alongside the lead vocal until it extinguishes upon one final plea.

In its subtlety and delicate directness, particularly the way the concepts are married to their delivery, there is present a lot of empathy for the era. It is easier to dismiss or omit the devices that dominate our daily lives in anticipation of their antiquation or irrelevance. And with that, there is a temptation to also omit the accompanying alienation. It is harder and more honest to imbue them with great style that warrants attention and then proceed to process the implications. That honesty and directness is ultimately more enduring than getting lost in abstraction.

The Double LP can be got from the Manic Static webzone. Check out the new project, glow in the dark flowers. Digital is $12.