TRACK | Buck Biloxi And The Fucks – In A Million Years

5/5 golden merles

New Orleans punk rockers Buck Biloxi and the Fucks’ “In A Million Years” reframes your petty trials and tribulations on a geological timescale. Ripping through the track with threats and humor, pangs and arbitrary partitions, there’s a freeing feeling to the statement. And it’s stacked in the middle of a great set of pummel and bash.

The drums swat and slug, the late guitar lead diverges ably. The track is concerned with the impending death and the insignificance of adversarial multicellular biological organism, both the ultimate joke and insult those who find themselves embodying the circumstance. It’s all proficiently hammered out in about 71 seconds.

The heralding of our sound defeat is truly a bit of a backhanded insult, with many optimistic forecasts wandering if we make it as a species to next winter. But a million years is excessive for even the most confident futurist/post-human/transhumanist, medically injecting the blood of youths on their Rotterdam bridge obstructed superyacht. And the warped scales are funny but still touch a nerve on those operating as though they are eternal, playfully exposing the absurdity of it all like good punk should.