TRACK | Lassie – Temporary Cemetery

5/5 golden merles

Lassie makes infectious Leipzig-based synth punk with all the skill stats buffed and tethered together. Nothing stagnates here or rots in redundancy. In its considered sequences there is utilization of all the accumulate instruments, with key and complimentary fills and every passage reinforced in layered melody. It is fun and morbidly inspired, very well pieced songcraft.

The ensemble of and alternating vocals compliment the energetic roving. On top of that, they’re spewing such fine lines in addition to the virulent chorus, like I don’t wanna choose / Between a job that pays the bills / and a comfort built on kills. And probably in a second language, agreeably putting us grubby John Q. Songwriters to some degree of shame.

I went to link to this very article yesterday and it turns out I hadn’t written on it yet. There are 3 versions that I am aware of (The Turbo Discos single version, the Flennen comp, and the above Phantom Records album version) and they all land depending on how much refinement you prefer. The discography is otherwise relentlessly active, looking at the last several years. I’m excited to see more of the back catalog and what comes next.

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